Fylde Guitars

Roger Bucknall of Fylde Guitars, along with his small team of artisans make some of the finest acoustic guitars in the world. I’ve played many beautiful guitars during my career but nothing that betters a Fylde.

G7th Capos

The best capos money can buy, period. My capo of choice is a G7th Heritage capo (gold-plated, and yes, personally engraved. Bling and indeed bling.)

Elixir Strings

The only strings I use. Phosphor bronze, 12-56 Custom Light, Nanoweb-coated, to be exact. They last ages, feel silky-smooth and sound warm and bright.


Ullapool Guitar Festival

The crown-jewel of the UK guitar scene. I’ve been lucky enough to play almost every year since its inception. Move mountains to be there in October.

Halsway Manor

National Centre for Folk Arts in the UK. It runs as a charity and operates as the only residential folk centre in the country. Year-round events include retreats, workshops and concerts. I’ve taught several guitar workshops there and played concerts with some great musicians, such as Kevin Dempsey, Sam Carter and Charlotte Carrivick.


John Smith

Clive Carroll

Gordon Giltrap

Will McNicol