London to Brighton Bike Ride 2020

Right then. I’ve signed up to take part in this year’s London to Brighton Bike Ride on June 21 to help raise money for the British Heart Foundation. I’ve always loved cycling so decided it was about time I got involved with this great event, which is now in its 45th year. 54 miles’ long, it’s a bit of a leg-stretcher, and although I think I’m reasonable shape, I expect to feel it in the legs for a couple of days afterwards. So, you know how this works – if you feel inclined and able, please click on button below and donate a couple of quid. Leave me a message too – I can always use a pep talk! Thanks so much!

There are five Lego landmarks in the picture: three in London and two in Brighton. Leave a comment if you’ve worked out what they’re meant to be!

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