Halsway Manor Guitar Week 2020

That’s right, folks – we’re doing it all again next year!

In fact, we were having so much fun at this year’s event, that we agreed dates for 2020 whilst still in the thick of it all!

It’s a brilliant week, immersive and intense (in a good way!), allowing people to fully indulge their passion for the acoustic guitar (secretly, the tutors feel exactly the same in that regard) whilst learning tunes and techniques to take away and work on. It’s a shot-in-the-arm for guitarists wanting to boost their skills and maybe push themselves out of the comfort zone a little. No pressure, though – the main thing is enjoyment.

2020’s event will feature three tutors; regulars, Kevin Dempsey and me, plus the amazing guitarist/songwriter Vera Van Heeringen who steps in for Charlotte Carrivick who’s unable to make it next year due to touring commitments.

Oh, and did I mention Halwsay Manor is located in a truly beautiful part of the country? If you’re quick, you can climb to the top of the Quantock Hills in the lunch break and see the sea in two different directions!

You can read more here: https://halswaymanor.org.uk/event/guitar-week/

What’s stopping you?!

Tutor-and-class mega-selfie. (Left to right: The Venerable Kevin Dempsey; yours truly; Queen of the Flatpick Charlotte Carrivick)
Student concert. Lots of wonderful performances from our participants.

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